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Active Details 
Location Bill Priority Detail Date
USA  HR 1818   Action Contact House Resources Committee on HR 1818     7/18/2017 
New York  NY A464   Action "Elephant Protection Act" heading to Governor for signature     6/9/2017 
North Carolina  Greeville, NC - 2017   Caution Greenville City Council votes to draft an ordinance to ban performing animals     9/11/2017 
Maryland  Montgomery County - 2017   Caution Proposed ban on use of performing animals in circuses discussed in Committee     9/11/2017 
Arizona  Kingman, AZ - 2017   Caution Proposed ban on performing animals still being drafted     9/1/2017 
Arizona  Mohave County 2017   Caution Proposed circus animal ban under review     4/19/2017 
Maryland  Montgomery County - 2017   Information Contact information for Montgomery County Council     9/25/2017 
Maryland  Baltimore County, MD 2017   Status Councilwoman drops proposed ban on circus animals in Baltimore County      9/18/2017 
Maine  Portland, ME 2017   Status City Council passes ban on circus animals     9/18/2017 
New Mexico  Santa Fe, NM - 2017   Information Santa Fe passes ban on wild and exotic animal acts     9/15/2017 

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